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Blog ini mengandungi info dan rujukan mengenai ilmu Color Vibration Therapy(CVT). CVT merupakan ikhtiar untuk merawat pelbagai jenis penyakit termasuk kritikal, kronik dan yang dianggap oleh rawatan alopati sebagai tiada harapan untuk sembuh seperti kanser dan sebagainya. Oleh itu, amat wajar untuk kita menyatakan bahawa CVT adalah alternatif kepada rawatan alopati.

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4 Ogo 2007

Reshape Your Face Naturally

Without plastic surgery, botox or chemical injection, you can reshape your face inherently, easy, cheap and safe.

Dr. Ariffaizal has found and introducesd proper method named Facial Hydrotherapy Ice. This method is the combination of the right technique of face exercise and aromatherapy from Colour Vibration Therapy.

This rule is the first kind of it’s in the world and in Malaysia especially. Dr. Ariffaizal have posited special seminar to introduce the highly effective method. So far as much as four seminars were held all over Malaysia. These seminars will continue in times to come.

The Law of Face Relativity
The face is relative with organ. Some circumstances blundered upon organs would have effect to the face. This is called The Low of Face Relativity. Through this law, therapies organ is done using the method Facial Hydrotherapy Ice.

We could read disease conditions, personality and character by just preparing assessment called “face reading”. The face is most densely filled with nerves and senses. As such face is the most suitable, easy and fast way to treat all diseases to person.

Four Elements in Facial Hydrotherapy Ice
It need four elements to gain most optimal impact from the Facial Hydrotherapy Ice method. The elements are Tea Cleanser's Oil Cleanser, Aromatherapy Ice draws Face, Hydrotherapy Ice Concept and the right Face Exercise Technique.

Tea Tree Oil Cleanser
Tea Cleanser's Oil Cleanser created specially by Prof Emeritus Prof. Dr. Sir Norhisham Wahab, founder of Colour Vibration Therapy. By tradition, indigenous people society in Australia already uses tree tea oil as natural antiseptic and also as detergent. This formula is then potentized.

Tea Tree Oil Cleanser balanced miasma presence on the face. All elimination of bacterium on the face will only result imbalance in natural ecosystem of the face. Tea Tree Oil Cleanser would not eliminate all bacterium to the face instead the property of negative charge in Tea Tree Oil Cleanser equalizes population rate of bacterium in the face and it let certain miasma to survive and play its role on the face.

Face will get freshness and harmony from Tea Tree Oil Cleanser witch will help to open pores on the face and activate sensitivity of nerves to absorb vibration.

Aromatherapy Seri Wajah
Aromatherapy Seri Wajah has been created by Prof Emeritus Prof. Dr. Sir Norhisham Wahab, founder of Colour Vibration Therapy. This formula contains mixture flower essence generated via cool compressed and mixed together over nano technology and biotechnology.

Therefore it has above 300 active elements and well-balanced alkalinity making it capable to preserve ions. The property of Aromatherapy Seri Wajah is beamed with vibrations up to Zero Point, the fastest and highest wave reading. Zero point is indicated in figure below.

High negative ions content will be energized the cells. Vibration of Zero Point costs electromagnetic wave signals to any different part of the body. More the 300 active elements will improve molecules in the DNA information to become harmony and balance. As such cell can afford to develop natural antibiotics, get natural nutrient and remove toxic inherently.

The Concept of Hydrotherapy Ice
Water can record memories. Water cleans every thing. Therefore, it can conduct vibration efficiently. High pressure on particles would make conductivity of vibration improves. Hence the best conductor of vibration that is through ice.

In Facial Hydrotherapy Ice, ice may act as conductor to the vibration from Aromatherapy Seri Wajah and also the tree tea oil cleanser. It also may dispense pressure to cells. Pressure to the nerve would make it more-sensitive for stimulation. Cells get enough pressure will be in harmony with nature and also stimulate natural body energy.

Hydrotherapy Ice bath is popular practice in Europe and now it has developed as a treatment in alternative medicine. Hydrotherapy Ice concept which is used in Facial Hydrotherapy Ice is by wiping the ice cubes with right technique to the face.

The Right of Exercise Technique
The philosophy of Colour Vibration Therapy treatment including spiritual, emotion, mental and physical levels. Aromatherapy Seri Wajah is the secret of spiritual, ice is the secret of Emotion, Tree Tea Oil Cleanser is the secret of Mental and Face Exercise is the secret of Fhysical.

Most effective face exercise is for those being aged 17 and below. But the combination of four elements in Facial Hydrotherapy Ice, and face exercise is effective regardless of age.

Young tissues in organs include skin layers, muscles, bloodstreams and bones would make face look young and bright. These three of elements in the Facial Hydrotherapy Ice will help achieve the objective of regaining youthfulness to the face. Young face need restructured through physical movement called face exercises.

In this seminar the right technique of face exercise would be taught closely to get most optimal impact. Incorrect technique will cause ineffectiveness and formation as desired.

Dr. Ariffaizal start practising face exercise since 1993

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