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Blog ini mengandungi info dan rujukan mengenai ilmu Color Vibration Therapy(CVT). CVT merupakan ikhtiar untuk merawat pelbagai jenis penyakit termasuk kritikal, kronik dan yang dianggap oleh rawatan alopati sebagai tiada harapan untuk sembuh seperti kanser dan sebagainya. Oleh itu, amat wajar untuk kita menyatakan bahawa CVT adalah alternatif kepada rawatan alopati.

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4 Ogo 2007

Your problems is your disease

I would like to share with you about problems. Many patients came to see me with many problems in their lives. I could see how these problems annoyed them and finally create their disease. Now actually to to cure the disease is to solve their problems first. Identifying owns problems greatly help medications towards healing process.

Problems formed when you are stuck focussing on what you dont want. So to resolve problems, do not give attention to what you do not want. Giving attention to is to give energy to what you dont want. Instead always focus on what you want. There is no body in this world want negative values in their lives, no one prefer hardships and troubles in any aspect of their lives. Everybody would prefer healthy and happy livings.

But the problem is people always give attention to what they do no like until affecting their health. So to regain your health is to deliberately avoid thinking and pay attention to problems. Always think opposite to problems. If you are worried about your relationship with your spouse or your boss, think the other way round. Turn the worries into something you like or appreciate. Always try to understand your spouse's or boss's emotional feelings and always try to give something in order to gain something from him.

Some effort you put in to contribute to better relationship will gain positive reaction because of the law of equillibrium I mentioned in topic "cause and effect". If you think there is no love in your heart towards your spouse, there can never be love in his heart towards you. If you think you dont like your boss, then your boss also dont like you, because what is in your thought will form into reality.

So I would like to share with you, always think positive, identify what you like and always assume that everything is as you like it to be and it will be. If you already fall ill always think you are under the process of recovering and its going to be ok. Negative thoughts will develop weaknesses and low self esteem that would lead you bad luck.

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